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Western Australian couple may be the luckiest Lotto players in the Perth area!
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A couple from Western Australia have won a top prize on the Australian Lotto for the second time in less than 12 months.The couple, from Collie, near Perth, were part of a Saturday Lotto syndicate which won a top prize last September, landing the couple with a $160,000 share of the prize. Now, the pair have won again, and this time they’ve taken home an entire $1 million prize pot on a mid-week draw.The couple, who are in their 50s, declined to reveal their identities when they claimed their prize, but they told lottery officials that they plan to use their second Australian Lotto windfall to build their dream home, just like a man form British Columbia in Canada who decided to build himself a home after winning $500,000 on the Lotto 649.The pair also hope to have enough money to buy a new car and take a honeymoon, ten years after they got married. A couple from Alberta in Canada were able to take a honeymoon a year after their wedding thanks to a Lotto Max win worth $50 million, while a couple from Basingstoke in England took their Honeymoon after winning £1 million on the EuroMillions, despite already being married for two and a half years.“We’ve honestly had a really tough few years filled with hardships, so this is life changing to us,” the woman told lottery officials in Western Australia. The pair are already thinking about where they might take their long-awaited vacation, with a top choice being Hawaii. They aren’t the only ones to have been doubly lucky on the Australian lottery, however, as another Western Australian couple recently won their second $1 million lottery prize in the space of two years.“I’m so happy we’ll be able to help our family, build our dream home and spend more time with our grandkids,” she continued. The woman added that she will be retiring from her job, while her husband plans to continue working. A syndicate from Perth recently took home $4.2 million on the Saturday Lotto, and they said that they were ensuring that their celebrations had been demure so that they didn’t get carried away.“My colleagues are like my family and I’m not ready to hang up my boots yet,” he explained to Australian Lotto officials. He is, however, hoping to take some time out of work, and possibly buy himself a new Harley Davidson.When asked what led to their huge lottery success, the Australian Lotto winning couple said that above all they have always had a positive attitude, and they attribute that to their good fortune.You too could become a lottery winner, so purchase your tickets online at