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Western Australian grandmother lost $10 million winning Oz Lotto ticket
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A grandmother from Middle Swan in Western Australia has claimed a $10 million Oz lotto prize after first losing her winning ticket.The lottery winner claimed her Oz lotto prize a month after the draw took place because the winning ticket was lost, and if she hadn’t been a registered lottery player she might never have found it. The lottery winner said that she would likely have thrown the winning Oz Lotto ticket away if Lotterywest Officials hadn’t got in touch to let her know she was a winner.“I buy a few Lotto tickets every week and somehow I mixed this particular one up with some receipts and stashed them in an old envelope,” the Oz Lotto winner said, adding that when lottery officials called her and prompted her to search for the winning ticket, she was astounded. “Never in a million years did I expect it was worth $10 million,” she said. A Powerball winner from Georgia in the USA won $1 million on a ticket which he forgot all about and lottery officials worried would go unclaimed, while another lottery player, from Kansas, almost lost his $50,000 winning Powerball ticket for good.The grandmother said that her $10 million Oz lotto prize is a “bonus beyond belief”, before admitting that she burst into tears when she found out that she’d won, just like another couple from Western Australia who won $100,000 on the Ultimate Lifestyle lottery. “Dreams do come true,” she added. A lottery syndicate from Ireland said that their dreams had also come true after winning €256,048 on the EuroMillions.The top of her list of plans for her $10 million Oz Lotto jackpot is to share the prize money with her children and grandchildren, but she added that beyond that she’s not thought about how it’ll be spent. “I really haven’t had a chance for the news to sink in, but my family are number one,” she said. An Australian Powerball winner from Victoria was also keen to spoil her grandchildren after winning $25 million.Home renovations and time working on the garden were other ideas on the grandmother’s mind, but for now she will just enjoy having the Oz Lotto winnings in the bank. The winning ticket was purchased from newsXpress Centrepoint Midland for the Oz Lotto jackpot on March 27th.If you play online with us at we will inform you in writing of all your winnings.