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Western Canadian friends share $1 million Lotto 6/49 win
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A group of friends from northern British Columbia in western Canada have won a $1 million prize on the national Lotto 6/49 game.Paul Horak and five of his friends, all of whom are from Prince Rupert, a small town in the north of British Columbia, will share their $1 million prize equally, taking home $200,000 each after they won one of the guaranteed $1 million prize in the Lotto 6/49 draw which took place on July 8th. The five friends have been purchasing lottery tickets together for the last three years, and Mr Horak said that he couldn’t believe his ears when he received a call about having the winning ticket.“Everyone dreams about winning the lottery and that’s why our group bought tickets every week,” said the group’s leaders, as he continued to say that he has been holding onto the dream of winning for the last three years. The five friends now have their dream come true, and they are all considering different options for their money.First of all, however, they will be heading back to Prince Rupert to reveal themselves as the winners of this Lotto 6/49 fortune. News of the local winner was announced on the BC Lottery Corporation website, leaving residents in the town speculating about who could have won, but the group decided to keep it quiet until they had the money in the bank.“Prince Rupert is a small town and there were a lot of rumours about the potential winner,” said Mr Horak, continuing “We have only shared the news with family because we wanted to wait until we had the cheque in our hands and the win was official.” This comes just days after other winners from Nova Scotia shared a $1 million Lotto 6/49 prize with a ticket purchased at the store they worked at.For Mr Horak, a first class trip to Europe may well be on the cards, and for the other lottery players there are a huge number of options. The group plans to continue buying lottery tickets, however, and will make sure their hat is in the pile for the next Lotto 6/49 draw at the weekend!For your chance of also fulfilling your dreams, purchase your lottery tickets online at