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Western Canadians are enjoying financial freedom after winning $500,000 on Lotto Max
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A couple from Ladysmith in Western Canada have said that they are enjoying the feeling of financial freedom after winning $500,000 on the Lotto Max.Bill Blokhuizen and Jerri Briggs, who live in the town in Ladysmith close to Nanaimo in British Columbia, Canada, matched all seven numbers in the June 8th Lotto Max drawing to win the $500,000 Max Million prize, splitting the $1 million jackpot with another winner in Ontario. The couple told Lotto Max officials that it was the day after the drawing, while they were eating breakfast, that they saw on Facebook that a local ticket had won the Max Million prize. Another BC Lotto Max winner planned to buy a new barbeque and a motorbike after taking home $1 million.“Bill said, ‘Good for them,’” said Ms Briggs of her partner’s reaction, “but I decided to check the numbers to see if it was ours.” And it’s a good job that she did so, because to her surprise she realised that the ticket she was holding in her hand matched the same numbers as those she was reading on the screen. Recently another British Columbia couple won $500,000 on eh Lotto 649 after buying their ticket in nearby Nanaimo.“Bill told me he didn’t believe me, so I gave him the ticket and he checked seeing it was true,” the lucky Lotto Max winner said. “Just to be sure we got dressed and went to check at the store.” Once they’d made sure that the Lotto Max ticket really was a winner, the couple texted all of their children, making sure they’d all find out at the same time.The couple said that they’ve previously lived a very ‘frugal’ lifestyle, and they had a big celebration the night after they discovered their Lotto Max win. The money is now safely in the bank while they make some decisions about their prize money. An English couple who won $40.2 million on the EuroMillions said that they continued to be frugal even after their big win.“I look forward to slowing down and taking things a little easier,” said Mr Blokhuizen. “This really takes a lot of weight off our shoulders,” his Lotto Max winning partner added. After winning the UK Lotto, a couple from Bristol in England said they were pleased to have financial security, while a Powerball winner from the USA was delighted to have financial freedom after his $100,000 windfall.The next winner could be you... purchase your tickets online at