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What's top of EuroMillions winners shopping lists?
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What would be at the top of your shopping list if you won the EuroMilllions lottery jackpot or the National Lottery? Would it be a magnificent new home? A top-of-the-range car? Or a luxury holiday? All of these fantasy items scored highly in a recent study carried out by Camelot and Oxford Economics about how lottery winners spend their winnings.

So it’s not surprising to learn that The Bayfords, who won the EuroMillions lottery jackpot of £148,656,000 with a Lucky Dip ticket back in August, have just upgraded their family home. According to the Daily Mail, the couple is moving from a 3 bedroom house to a 7 bedroom Grade II-listed Georgian Mansion.

Their new house features 4 reception rooms and 4 bathrooms. Also as part of the property, there are 4 cottages, a farmhouse and a 3 bedroom annexe. A friend of The Bayfords has said: ‘Adrian and Gillian made no secret about wanting to buy a nice house when they went public with their win. Some people expected them to move out of their old home straight away – but they have taken their time to find the ideal place.

This new house is perfect for them. It is a wonderful property with plenty of land.’ This house move is in-line with the survey results, which report that lottery winners buy a new house within 3 months of winning the lotto. Who can blame them?

Next question is, will The Bayfords follow the trend of 28% of lottery winners surveyed and install walk-in wardrobes too? Or a gym as 16% did, or even a games room as 28% of surveyed winners did? The couple’s soon-to-be neighbours have seen Mrs. Bayford’s new Audi parked outside the new property.

This does echo the survey results, with 16% of lottery winners favouring Audi as their car of choice. So what’s next? A luxury holiday surely? It’s the perfect excuse if you’ve got the builders in.

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