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Which areas are the most successful in the People’s Postcode Lottery?
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Which areas are the most successful in the People’s Postcode Lottery?

When you play the People’s Postcode Lottery in England, it appears that some areas do better than others. Just why is it that players in the north of the country are getting more big wins than those in the south?Housing agent carried out the research in 2019. They looked at the areas where the People’s Postcode Lottery produced most winners.

Northern Success 

It produced results that concluded that your chances of winning the People’s Postcode Lottery £3m prize are more than doubled if you live in the north of England. Of 45 winners in the period covered by the research, only 18 came from the south.It’s not great news for Wales as they have had no winners of the £3m prize since the draw began four years ago. Perhaps a win is due then! What about if you live in Scotland? Well, moving to Lanarkshire might be a good idea, they had several winners last year.It’s by no means that bad news though for those not living up north. Since 2016, it’s the county of Devon in the west of England who have had the most success in the £3m draws. The county has had five winners so plenty of reasons to celebrate. Greater Manchester come in second with four winners, then on three each it’s Merseyside and Worcester.

The most successful postcodes

Of course, you can use statistics to tell many a story. For example, postcodes starting with S are the most likely to get a win in the People’s Postcode Lottery £1,000 draws. B comes second but the least successful ones start with A, J, U and Z. To be fair, there probably aren’t that many postcodes starting with Z.When it comes to their £30,000 prizes, it’s more good news for Greater Manchester who are the most successful. The south is doing well too though with Kent coming second in that category. If you only go back as far as 2018, then Greater London have been doing the best with the highest number of UK winners.Rutland and the Isle of Wight (which is just off the south coast of England) are the least lucky counties. Not the greatest of shocks there as both are also among the smallest counties in the country.The draws do produce random results so just where you live might not be too important. It does have to be mentioned though that when playing the People’s Postcode Lottery, you don’t actually need to use your own postcode. Many players decide to use postcodes that have nothing to do with their actual home address. Though you’d feel a bit silly if using another one and then your own wins a People’s Postcode Lottery prize.Purchase a lottery ticket today from Lottery24.