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Which syndicates are the most popular in the UK and US?
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Which syndicates are the most popular in the UK and US?

 Do you want to increase your chances of lottery success? Of course you do, so why not consider joining one of the syndicates that are on Lottery24.

There are some excellent lotteries that you can buy tickets for on Lottery24. Lotteries such as EuroMillions, UK Lotto, Powerball and Mega Millions (where there’s just been a $1.28 bn win) are hugely popular in the UK and US.

Every week those lotteries give players the opportunity to become millionaires. Playing by yourself gives you a chance of success but it's even better if you decide to join a syndicate. More tickets can be purchased by the syndicate and that gives you an increased chance of winning a big prize, perhaps even the jackpot!

There are many forms of lottery syndicates. You could perhaps decide to group together with other members of your family to buy some tickets for the next EuroMillions draw for example. You could do this for every draw because there is always a great jackpot to be won.

Family syndicate?

Perhaps it might be that you group together for just the draws that have the highest jackpots. For example, when a EuroMillions Superdraw takes place. There will be more players trying to win the jackpot so forming a syndicate will give you a better chance of success. Just imagine getting a win and knowing all your family members have been successful.

How about forming a syndicate with your work colleagues? This is a popular form of syndicate and it could be just a few of you taking part or a large number. The more the better really because every additional ticket purchased might just take you closer to winning a massive lottery prize.

Join a Lottery24 syndicate

It’s easy to join a syndicate at Lottery24. Our home page has details of the top syndicates that can be joined on our site. As we say “More players, more chances, more special moments.” You could be just a few clicks away from joining a syndicate and then purchase tickets for the top UK and US lotteries.

Join a Lottery24 syndicate today!