Widow’s Financial Worries Over after $1 million Lottery Win

Widow’s Financial Worries Over after $1 million Lottery Win

Widow’s Financial Worries Over after $1 million Lottery Win

Sometimes a big lottery win really does come at just the right time. Karen Coffman from Freeport in Pennsylvania has had a tough year with her husband of 31 years passing away. Two weeks before his death, she won a $1 million prize.

In the weeks before his death, her husband Robert (who had a brain tumour)  had been concerned about how his wife would cope financially. Then in April the $1 million lottery win came along.

When his wife told him the fantastic news he couldn’t believe what he was being told. It was all true though and the 61-year-old really had won $1m. For years she’d been telling him that one day she was going to “hit the million.” He’d just laugh as did the husband of  a recent £821,990 Postcode Lottery prize winner.

Spiritual intervention?

The mother-of-three is convinced that spiritual intervention had something to do with her lottery success. “I do think he had something in the works, because he was worried,” she said. In an emotional statement the lottery winner added: “ I hope he’s looking down on this.”

Her cheque was presented to Karen at the BP gas station where her winning lottery ticket had been purchased in April.  The lucky player recalled the moment her $1 million win had been discovered.

When checking her ticket outside the station, she stood in disbelief at what she was seeing. An employee looked at her ticket, counted the zeroes and confirmed her win. Cue lots of jumping up and down and hugging.

The delighted lottery winner says she regularly plays lotteries and particularly enjoys trying her luck on scratchcards.

This is her latest win and 14 years ago won $65,0000. Just a few weeks before this win, another $500 had been won and she intends playing more lottery games.

A warmer climate

Karen has now retired from her job working in the senior care industry. Plans for her winnings include taking her relatives to Disney World. Moving to the much warmer Florida is also being planned. “I’m so done with the snow,” she joked.

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