Will You Win Tonight’s EuroMillions Lottery Superdraw?

Will You Win Tonight’s EuroMillions Lottery Superdraw?

Will You Win Tonight’s EuroMillions Lottery Superdraw?

The big day has finally arrived. Tonight sees the first EuroMillions Superdraw of 2024. The top prize is €130 million (£113 million). It’s already been a good month for lottery players. Could tonight see a ticket bought from Lottery24 turn you into a multi-millionaire?

Another win for France?

There’s already been one EuroMillions jackpot winner this month. The draw held on January 16 saw a ticket sold in France win an €87.9 million top prize.
There have been no jackpot winners since then, maybe tonight’s draw will be a lucky one for someone. If there is a winner and again the successful ticket is sold in France, it’ll be their 126th jackpot winning ticket equalling the UK’s record.  Which numbers might make you a millionaire?

Much larger than expected  

Already celebrating is a lucky player from Ireland who this week collected his €1 million Irish Lotto prize. 

It was a massive shock for him because at first he thought his December win was only €500. Winning that amount actually delighted him as he planned to use it to pay off some bills in January. 

Then he went to a store to collect his win but was told it couldn’t be paid out. A phone call was made and he was asked if he was sitting down. Then came the incredible news that his lottery ticket had made him a millionaire.

Cruise delight

A big lottery win often leads the lucky winners to take a cruise. For Jerome Testa from Orange in Virginia, USA, he already knows what it’s like to go on such a holiday.

He was actually on a cruise ship sailing around the Caribbean when discovering he’d won a $1 million lottery prize.

A trip on a cruise can be highly enjoyable of course. He decided to go online and check the results of VIrginia’s New Year’s Millionaire draw.

What followed next was both amazing and a bit funny too. Testa recalled that on being told the news his wife “screamed and fell off the bed.”  

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