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Woman wins SuperEnalotto playing the dates of birth of her children
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A SuperEnalotto winner from 29th October last year has revealed that she used her children’s dates of birth in the numbers which won her half a million euros.The lucky woman known as Alma from Padua who pocketed the € 500,000, was playing the SuperEnalotto lottery as a one off for her husband that day, and decided to change both the lottery shop and numbers.The woman, married with two children and grandchildren, personally went to Sisal offices in Milan to claim her prize upon winning. She was also accompanied by her son who she had shared the good news with via text after learning of her win.Alma told Sisal lottery officials the story of her windfall saying that she played the lottery in her husbands place at his request as he wasn’t able to walk due to a minor health problem. She went on to explain how she fulfilled his request but decided to do so in her own way.Alma, in fact went to a different lottery shop altogether than the one where her husband usually got his tickets, and she also decided that she was going to change the numbers they played by using a combination of the dates of birth of her children, the numbers of her old home phone and the license plate of her first car, a Fiat 500.Little did she know that this personal strategy of hers was going to extraordinarily end up winning her € 500,000. This was certainly an act of faith as Alma described that she didn’t think much of it and just went back to her every day life activities, without giving the lottery a second thought.This was however until she read a story in the newspapers about a party held in the lottery shop where she had bought her tickets, and just to be certain, decided to check the winning numbers in a nearby lottery shop. This is how she found out that in actual fact, the winner that was being celebrated was her.Her modest nature means this kind of money is something that she wouldn’t have anticipated before, however she had ideas of what she wanted to use the money for. She was keen to help her children and in particular, her daughter who had recently lost her job while having two little girls to raise.She also called her best friend and asked her about something she would want to do, and treated her to spending a day together at the spa.We are glad to see that Alma has enjoyed her winnings, and hope that she continues to do so!The next lucky winner could be you, so why don’t you give it a try and purchase your SuperEnalotto tickets online at