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$100,000 Holiday Millionaire Raffle winning ticket hid in cold cash
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It was the advice of a store clerk that led to Tim and Karen Hiatt winning $100,000 in the Kansas Lottery’s Holiday Millionaire Raffle Grand Prize drawing on January 3. They didn’t want to lose their ticket so hid it in a very unique place.Due to their work schedules, the lucky Holiday Millionaire Raffle Grand Prize winners have been unable to collect their prize until later in the month. That’s like Ronnie Rader from Indiana, USA, who finished off a roofing job before claiming his $50,000 Powerball win. In the UK, Gerry and Lisa Cannings delayed claiming their £33m UK Lotto jackpot because their house was being decorated.Tim recalled how he went to his local Casey’s store on Black Friday but didn’t know what lottery ticket to buy. He asked the store clerk and she suggested a Holiday Millionaire Raffle ticket and it was the best piece of advice he ever received. Another Kansas player Stacy Thompson let her husband choose which lottery to play and they won a $20,000 Double Bonus Crossword prize.Soon after the Holiday Millionaire Raffle Grand Prize draw took place, he stopped off at a liquor store to see if his ticket was a winner. He got the shock of his life when the machine told him he’d need to claim his winnings at the Lottery. He asked his friend, who works at the store, to check his ticket and amazingly his Holiday Millionaire Raffle ticket had won $100,000.He quickly returned home to tell his wife the great news, unlike Sandra Donaldson from Ontario, Canada, who took a week to tell her husband they’d won a $23.3m Lotto 6/49 jackpot.At first, Karen thought he was joking but she believed him after they went back to the store and checked it again. Knowing it’d take them at least a couple of weeks before they could go to Topeka to claim their Holiday Millionaire raffle prize, they decided to put their ticket in their freezer for safekeeping not wanting to be like Kevin Hayek from Kansas who nearly lost his $50,000 winning Powerball ticket.The method in their madness was that if someone broke into their home, the last place they’d look would be the freezer. The couple, who have been married for 36 years, plan to spend their winnings on paying bills and a new car.You too could become a lottery winner, just play online at