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$100,000 Lucky Lotteries Ticket Spends Eight Months in a Safe
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$100,000 Lucky Lotteries Ticket Spends Eight Months in a Safe

It took eight months for a couple from Maclean in New South Wales, Australia to claim their $100,000 Lucky Lotteries prize. They had won their prize in the 10 August 2020 draw.There was little danger of their Lucky Lotteries ticket being lost. It had spent those eight months inside their safe.

With their ticket being unregistered, it meant the lottery company had no idea who the Lucky Lotteries winners were. Therefore, they had a long wait to find out who had won the $100,000 prize.

Sometimes in this situation, the winners simply didn’t know they’d won a top prize. Not this couple though. The male half of the couple said: “We’ve actually known we won this prize the entire time,” the winning man laughed. The couple have asked to remain anonymous.

Oh yeah, baby

There hadn’t even been a long wait to find out about their win. The couple checked their Lucky Lotteries ticket straight after the draw. “We couldn’t believe it! I remember thinking ‘oh yeah, baby,” said the delighted winner.

“We couldn’t stop shaking,” he added. As is often the case, one check of the winning numbers is never enough. They kept on checking their ticket over and over again. Finally, they accepted the fact they had won a $100,000 Lucky Lotteries prize.

Then they decided to let the news sink in before claiming their winnings. That’s when the winning ticket was placed in a safe and there it stayed for eight months.

No more Stress over Money

The win has given the couple “a complete sense of relief” and they say, “for us, it’s like a million dollars.” It’s not quite that much but the couple intend on being “sensible” with their $100,000. Most of the win will go into the bank (another safe) as the win eliminates any stress over money. disappear.

The female half of the Lucky Lotteries winning couple said that bills will be paid and helping their family is also important for them. “There are a few things the kids need,” she said. Not surprising when your parents have just had a big lottery win.

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