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$1.02m TattsLotto Winner Still Goes to Work
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$1.02m TattsLotto Winner Still Goes to Work

A couple from Tasmania. Australia are “over the moon” after winning just over $1 million in the July 17 TattsLotto draw. Even after discovering the win, the wife still went to work.

The couple had fantastic luck with several wins in that draw. They were one of six division one winners in the TattsLotto draw, winning them $999,822.93. However, they also had 27 other wins taking their winnings up to $1,012,790.28.

One of the TattsLotto winners found out about their win while sitting in his car. She was setting off for work the day after the draw and decided to check the results. “It was so surreal ticking off each number on the ticket. I couldn’t believe it!” said the surprised winner.

No Lie in for Husband

“I was screaming on the inside, but shaking on the outside! I am over the moon!” she added. Straight away the winner, who has asked to remain anonymous, got on the phone to her husband. He was still in bed and was enjoying a Sunday morning lie-in. She told him to sit down as “I’ve got something to tell you.”

The lie-in was cancelled as her husband was “absolutely amazed” and spent time pacing around the house not knowing what was going on. His wife still went to work though but was asked if she was okay as she looked flushed. “I was better than okay!” she laughed.

A few celebratory drinks were had with her husband after work. “We just kept looking at each other and saying, ‘we’re millionaires, what the hell,” said the TattsLotto winner.


The couple will pay off their mortgage and do some house renovations. The rest will be saved for their retirement. “We’ve battled all of our lives. We’re hard workers, so this will take the pressure off and allow us to just enjoy our lives.”

Their winning TattsLotto ticket was purchased from the New Town Plaza Newsagency in New Town. Store owner Alex Tunggal said his staff couldn’t believe the news and are over the moon for the lucky couple.

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