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£13 million EuroMillions Jackpot is in the bag for Mary
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65-year old Mary Hamilton from Belfast didn’t check her EuroMillions ticket for a week and then discovered she’d won nearly £13 million (€16 million) in the EuroMillions draw held on Friday November 7.The winning numbers in the EuroMillions draw were 13-25-32-38-46 and the Lucky Stars 01 and 10. Mrs Hamilton, who works in a furniture store, celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary with her husband, Alexander, 67, in July but had no idea an even bigger celebration was on its way.The lucky EuroMillions winner didn’t check her ticket immediately after the draw. In fact she admits: “I had the ticket a week and I didn’t know it was in my bag.” Hamilton finally discovered she’d won the EuroMillions jackpot when checking her results at her local petrol station. The cashier told her that she’d won so much they were unable to pay it out over the counter: “They said they're only allowed to pay out so much," she said.After previously having a good win and having that paid to her immediately, Mary instantly knew she’d won a bit more in the EuroMillions draw than that £36 win. "There was a man behind me and he had got it up on his phone. They were checking the numbers, and then he said to me 'you're the UK winner'. "My legs were so weak that I couldn't walk. Sandy [her husband] came to the store, we hugged and then he drove us home.”Mary, who has been playing the lottery since it began 20 years ago, said her first purchase with her EuroMillions winnings will be a mobile phone. She also plans to give some cash to her customers at the furniture store.The lucky winner wants to use her EuroMillions winnings to help the community in Northern Ireland. “There are a lot of young people out there whose youth centres are being closed down because of the cutbacks. I know this will put a lot of them back out on to the streets. I would prefer they were in youth centres rather than standing about street corners, so I might look into something like that."If you fancy getting yourself in on the winning, give yourself a chance by playing the EuroMillions lottery online now at