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£148.6m EuroMillions winner being sued over golf cart crash
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Adrian Bayford, who won a £148.6m EuroMillions jackpot in 2012 with his then wife, Gillian, is being sued for £200,000. The court action is being taken out by former employee Christopher Tovey who claims he almost lost a leg in a golf cart crash.After the massive EuroMillions win, Adrian purchased the Haverhill estate in Suffolk for £6m and employed ChrisTovey. Being unable to drive he used a golf cart to get round his huge estate.The accident occurred in June 2013 when it's claimed the EuroMillions winner lost control of his golf cart and crashed into his employee.At the time of the accident, Richard Hudspith, the best friend of Mr Bayford, said: "Adrian was driving an off-road vehicle on his private land when the accident occurred in April this year. There were two witnesses who have given testimonies that it was an accident. Chris was injured but he did not suffer a broken leg."The father-of-three claims that he needed two operations to save his leg and he now walks on crutches and suffers from constant pain and bouts of depression. He says that the EuroMillions winner accepted responsibility for the accident.The Bayfords EuroMillions win was Britain's second biggest lottery win, but just 15 months after their win the couple split up.Since their big EuroMillions windfall the Bayfords have been constantly in the news. Earlier this year we told you how Adrian had spent over £2m of his lottery winnings on equestrian equipment for his fiancée Sam Burbidge. Before that our EuroMillions millionaire had upset local residents in Haverhill after a property buying spree.At the start of 2015 the news broke that his former wife Gillian, who won half of the lottery jackpot, had fallen in love with the car salesman who sold her a fleet of cars.Bayford is the latest lottery winner to end up in court after their win. Last year £15.5m UK Lotto winner Tom Naylor ended up in a boundary dispute with his neighbour over a three foot patch of grass between their properties.Only yesterday we reported how $188m Powerball winner Marie Holmes is facing a court case after being charged with possessing marijuana.To live a better life and to fulfill your dreams, play lottery online at