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£148m EuroMillions winner spends £2m on his horse loving fiancée
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Adrian Bayford, 44, won a £148m EuroMillions jackpot back in August 2012. He shared the jackpot with his wife but they have since split up. Now Adrian has a fiancéeand he's spent over £2m buying Sam Burbidge, 28, horses and stables.Bayford celebrated his £148m EuroMillions win with a takeaway pizza, but has certainly spent a lot more money since his big win. He split up from his wife, Gillian, a year after their EuroMillions win and has often hit the headlines since. Earlier this year we reported on how he had upset people after buying up a series of properties.Bayford met Sam 15 months ago and at that time she was a groom mucking out stables. Adrian soon fell in love and proposed to her just six weeks later. Sam then quit her job in Thurlow, Suffolk, England. Now the EuroMillions winner has splashed out on at least ten horses (one close friend claims it could be as many as 20), a fleet of horseboxes including one worth £100,000 which a friend says has everything but a mobile disco and last month he purchased the Forest Edge Arena, near Swaffham in Suffolk. The 35-acre property is situated on the edge of a pine forest and has indoor and outdoor riding arenas.The offical British Showjumping website lists Burbidge as competing on five different horses. Her Facebook page has photos of her jumping abroad and tells how she recently competed at an event held in Spain.A friend of the EuroMillions winner said: "Adrian had nothing to do with horses before he met Sam, apart from putting on the odd couple of quid at the bookies. Everyone knows she loves horses and I guess he wants to help her. He has to invest his money in something so why not put it in something that Sam is interested in? I can understand it, she is the woman he loves.”The couple live in a £6m mansion and employs staff to run stables. We previously reported how his former wife has also found a new love since the couple divorced.It must be really nice to be able to spoil our loved ones.. give yourself a chance of becoming the next big winner by playing online with us at