£15.5 UK Lotto winner has a car for every day of the week

£15.5 UK Lotto winner has a car for every day of the week


A UK Lotto winner from South Staffordshire in England who won £15.5 million 17 years ago has revealed he now has a car collection worth £1 million. Tom Naylor won his £15.5 million with his wife in 2001, and he talked about his dream to own a supercar at the time.

Before the UK Lotto win, Mr. Naylor drove a lorry for a living and owned a Ford Granada Mark 2, but now he’s been able to indulge his passion for cars. Recently a truck driver from Michigan in the USA also became a lottery winner, when he won on three scratch cards in one day.

In his luxury home bought after the UK Lotto windfall, Mr. Naylor has built six garages, one for each luxury car, and he hires somebody to wash them regularly. He also has a seventh car, the one that he does the shopping in. A EuroMillions winner from Surrey announced when he first won that he planned to use his £107 million winnings to swap his Ford Focus with a fleet of Supercars. 

“The first car was a Jaguar XJR which I bought 17 year ago when I first won the lottery. I still have that car now,” Mr Naylor said of his opportunity to indulge his passion. “Over the year I have bought more and more cars. Now I have one for every day of the week.”Mr Naylor recently met up with some other UK Lotto winners to discuss what it was like to win the lottery, when he said how his wife’s passion is different from his as she likes to spend money on jewellery. 

As his prized possessions, Mr. Naylor said that he doesn’t trust just anyone to look after his cars. “There is a guy who I trust to clean the cars and he spends hours on each one,” the lottery winner said, adding that they’re immaculate by the time he’s finished. A Powerball winner from New Zealand spent a lot of his $10.3 million winnings on his passion for race horses. 

The most expensive of Mr Naylor’s cars is a Jaguar XJ220 which is one of only 270 which were made worldwide, and the UK Lotto winner said that it is his favourite of the whole collection. “With a top speed of 214mpt it is basically a racing car.” That car is estimated to be worth around £500,000. 

A UK Lotto winner who took home £7.5 million in 1998 revealed that he no longer indulges as much as he used to do, as his lottery win enabled him to live a carefree life. 

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