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15 years finally paid off for Kansas Powerball Syndicate
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Fifteen years of playing the lottery together has finally paid off for a group of friends from Kansas whose Powerball ticket won them $50,000 last month.The six Kansas lottery players call themselves the “Celtic Fox Card Club” and have been playing the Powerball lottery together every Wednesday for fifteen years, with their numbers finally coming in on April 18th. The six friends are Michael Fox, Bill Putnam, Jan Ditcher, Dave Cowser, Ted Graf and Dave Goodson, all from Topeka, Kansas in the USA. A Super Kansas Cash winner from Topeka was heading off on a cruise after she won over $3 million.“It’s just something that we do every Wednesday,” said Mr Fox as the group claimed their Powerball prize from Kansas Lottery officials. “We get together, play some cards, and at the end of the night everyone gives me $2 for our Powerball tickets.” A syndicate from Maryland had also been playing together for 15 years when they finally won a top Powerball prize.The group has been playing the same numbers for the last fifteen years, a combination of all of their birthdays, and on April 18th it finally paid off as they matched four out of the five main Powerball numbers. Two friends from Maryland won big on the Keno lottery thanks to numbers they borrowed from other friends. However, Mr Fox said it took a while for his friends to believe him when he said that they’d won. A group of family members from Kansas were perhaps a little shocked as well when they won $1 million on a Powerball ticket purchased at the last minute.“We had a moment a few years ago where we thought we had won, so everyone was a little more cautious in their excitement this time,” the Powerball winner explained, adding that once he’d got the win confirmed by Kansas Lottery officials, they all believed him. “I’m glad to have won it with all these guys. It was a nice thing for everyone to hit it together.” A group of friends who were regulars at a pub in East Sussex were delighted to win £1 million on the EuroMillions lottery together.The winning ticket was purchased from The Celtic Fox, owned by winner Michael Fox, on S.W. 8th Avenue in Topeka.Why don't you try your luck and purchase your tickets online at