$150 million Australian Powerball Jackpot Next Thursday

$150 million Australian Powerball Jackpot Next Thursday

$150 million Australian Powerball Jackpot Next Thursday

January has already been a big month for Australian lottery players. There have been some big wins and next week there’s a massive $150 million Australian Powerball jackpot to be won.

A couple from Orange in New South Wales have been wanting to retire early but just couldn’t afford to. That’s all changed now thanks to their $10 million Oz Lotto win on January 17.

The female half of the couple had to be convinced that the news wasn’t a scam. When realising that it was true, she declared “What a dream come true! I can’t stop crying, I’m sorry!”

Their usual lottery win is only $12, no wonder the delighted player said: “We never expected to win $10 million!”

Her husband was busy working in their shed at the time. His wife couldn’t wait to get off the phone and tell him the incredible news.

The couple are farmers and both at retirement age. Now they can pay off their bills, help their children and finally retire.

Now the nation is counting down the days to the next big lottery draw. On Thursday January 25, the Australian Powerball jackpot is a massive $150 million. It’s the second largest top prize ever seen in Australian lottery history. It’s just short of the $160 million top prize seen in October 2022.

The latest $100 million draw ended in a rollover, the fifth consecutive draw to do so. Last month a couple  scooped a $90 million Australian Powerball jackpot.

Anna Hobdell is a spokesperson for The Lott and spoke about the upcoming draw. Her belief is that the prospect of winning $150 million “will captivate the minds of many Australians this week, as anticipation and excitement builds.”

The spokesperson added that the Lott expects “a surge in lottery outlets and online” in the coming week. Her expectation is that nearly half of Australian adults will enter the Australian Powerball draw dreaming of winning the jackpot.

That was the case this week for the $100 million draw. At one stage, there were 7,224 entries being made in just sixty seconds.

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