Late Christmas Present for $90m Australian Powerball Winners

Late Christmas Present for $90m Australian Powerball Winners

Late Christmas Present for $90m Australian Powerball Winners

Three players shared the $90 million Australian Powerball jackpot in the draw held on Boxing Day. Now that’s what you call a late but highly appreciated Christmas present.

One of the lucky winners was a man from Fairfield in New South Wales who admits he didn’t get much sleep after discovering his win. He was too busy planning an early retirement thanks to his $32.6 million Australian Powerball win.

Missed calls

The Lott had been trying to contact the jackpot winner and three times he’d missed the call. Then he saw a text asking him to check his tickets. He found out just before bedtime that he’d won a share of the Australian Powerball jackpot.

Now he plans to start his own business and be able to retire earlier than planned. He didn’t even  need a four-leaf clover to get his big lottery win.

New South Wales was certainly a lucky place to play this draw. All three jackpot winners came from that Australian state.

How much?

Another of the winners came from Sutherland Shire but initially he thought he’d only won $32,000.

He’d played the Boxing Day Australian Powerball draw because of its high jackpot. “I just thought, ‘stuff it, I’m going for it’” but never dreamed it’d make him a multi-millionaire. He now wants to help his family, go on an overseas holiday and buy a house.

No more work

For a couple from Campbelltown, early retirement is on the cards. The husband said he was still shaking after learning of their win. He isn’t a regular Australian Powerball player but “grabbed a ticket” on the day of the draw.

“Some of my family have been going through hard times lately and this is going to be a huge help” said the lucky player.

Quitting work early is also being strongly considered. “My wife and I work very hard, but I think an early retirement is on the cards.”

There have been 404 division one winners in 2023 and 133 of those were won by tickets sold in New South Wales.

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