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$195,935 Cash 5 Winner Forgot Buying Ticket
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$195,935 Cash 5 Winner Forgot Buying Ticket

With so much happening in our lives, it’s easy to forget something. That’s what happened to Gregory Warren from Franklinville in North Carolina, USA. What did he forget? Well, it was a near $200,000 Cash 5 windfall.
The mechanic had finished his work for the day and stopped off at the BP on U.S. 64 East in Asheboro to fill up his tank. While he was there, Gregory decided to make another purchase. He decided to see if he could get a win by purchasing a

Cash 5 ticket for the September 29 draw.

He’s not a regular purchaser of lottery tickets, so perhaps it’s not surprising he forgot buying one. His ticket was a lucky one, so lucky that it was one of two winners of the $391,870. That meant his Cash 5 ticket had won him $195,935.

Finally, he remembers

It wasn’t until the following week (it was October by now) that he remembered buying a ticket. He checked the results and saw the fantastic news that he had won a share of the September 29 jackpot.
When collecting his winnings from lottery HQ in Raleigh, he admitted “I forgot about it.” The Cash 5 winner added that he’s still “kind of shocked” and didn’t get much sleep after finding out about his win. “Too much excitement,” was the reason for that and you can’t blame him.

A new career

After federal and state taxes have been paid, his final winnings were $138,624. He has big plans on how to spend his Cash 5 winnings and it proves that lottery wins can change your lives. The mechanic wants to give up his job, but retirement is not on its way. Instead, he wants a career change and plans on starting up a business mowing yards.
"I've got a 14-year-old son and I wanna get a business started so that he'll have something to do when he graduates from high school."

The other half of the Cash 5 jackpot was won by Danielle Godette of New Bern in North Carolina. She plans on paying off bills and then investing the rest of her winnings.

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