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£1m EuroMillions winners couldn’t wait to get new toilet seat
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Life hadn’t always been easy for Wayne and Desirée Home from East Farleigh in Kent, England. Then their luck changed as they won £1m in the EuroMillions Raffle in July 2014.We’ve previously reported on just how people spend their lottery wins. A $10,000 Cookies and Cash scratchcard winner from Maryland USA, wanted a lawn mower, Scotsman Jim Roy got some new bowls after a £1m UK Lotto win. Brian Delagardelle from Iowa, USA, wanted to buy a tractor after winning $1m playing Powerball.Becoming a EuroMillions lottery millionaire meant Desirée, 58, could finally get something she’d been after for a while. Ever since moving into a small mobile home they’d had a toilet seat that wouldn’t stay up properly. “Every time you put it up it would go clang” she commented. So when news of the big win came through she said to Wayne, “Can I have a soft-closing toilet seat please?”Other more conventional purchases have included buying a converted pump house beside the river in East Farleigh. That’s handy as they also bought a luxury sports boat.It’s a different life from the struggles they went through before their big EuroMillions win. Mrs Home battled bowel cancer in 2008 and suffered respiratory failure twice. Both were made redundant from their jobs and that led to visits from bailiffs and debt collectors as they were forced to downsize. Desirée admits they “were the lowest you could get.”Now their lives are a lot less stressful and Mrs Home has been given the all-clear after her battle against cancer. The £1m EuroMillions win meant Wayne could give up his new job and no longer have to commute to London. That’s something Desiree was so worried about that she increased the life insurance on her stressed husband.As well as that toilet seat, Mrs Home also purchased some diamond earrings without even looking at the price. "The lady looked at me and said: 'Is it your birthday or something?' I said: 'Nope. I'm having them because I want them.'" That shows just how much a lottery win can change your life.You never know when and where good fortune is going to strike, so purchase your lottery tickets online now at