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£1m EuroMillions Winners Still Looking For Bargains
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Plenty of EuroMillions winners in the UK end up with just a fraction of their winnings a couple years after their big win. Not so for Roberta and Barry Little who won £1m in the EuroMillions draw held on January 1, 2013 and still nearly have all of that in their account today.They did splash the cash in the early days after their £1m EuroMillions win, buying a house in Dumfries for £250,000, a holiday in Disneyland and a £220 tumble dryer. Since then though they have barely touched their National Lottery winnings and thanks to investments and interest they still nearly have £1m in the bank.Hairdresser Roberta, 32, who is soon to open her own salon in Dumfries said: “I go for the groceries in Lidl and Asda. I still buy clothes in Dorothy Perkins and New Look and it’s still outfits from the bargain rails that I buy.” The EuroMillions winner simply sees herself as a normal mum with a budget and she still worries about money.That’s understandable because fourteen years ago, an injury at work left Barry on crutches and needing a wheelchair for long distances. The family had to rely on benefits and loans from their parents. Even their dream home had to be sold to the local authority and they rented it back as a council house. Barry admits he felt “a failure” just before the big EuroMillions win in 2013.But since that EuroMillions win those days have thankfully become history. Barry found out about their great win at 2am and after telling his wife the great news, they waited until 7am to let their children know their new year had gotten off to an unbelievable start.Despite that big EuroMillions win though they now have a second-hand mini and their three young children each receive £10 pocket money a week and have to do chores to earn that. Holidays are spent at the Auchenlarie Caravan Park in Castle Douglas, just 50 miles from where they live. Barry explains: “We just don’t see ourselves as any different to how we were before.In order to give yourself a chance to win, purchase your lottery tickets online at It’s simple and easy.