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£1m EuroMillions winning ticket left in wallet for a month
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Lots of players buy lottery tickets, but there are plenty that seem to take an age to get around to checking whether they are winners or not. That’s what groundsman Martin Crighton from Boxford in Suffolk, England did but after a month he found out he’d won a £1m EuroMillions prize in the August 15 draw.The 44-year-old didn’t think about checking his EuroMillions ticket until he saw an article about a "missing millionaire" from his area. That soon got him searching for his ticket which was hidden between a set of receipts and cards in his wallet. When he looked at the details of the draw he was in shock when realizing he was the missing EuroMillions winner and when receiving his prize commented, "I guess I really still cannot believe it,” “No more worries. Life will just be so much easier now," he added.It’s not uncommon for players to take time to find out about a big win. That’s what happened to Arthur Martin from Virginia who took a week to discover he’d won a $1m Powerball prize. Linda Tuttle from Michigan, USA, found a $1m winning Mega Millions ticket among a pile of old mail.As soon as he discovered his big EuroMillions win, Martin headed straight to his local pub, The Brewers Arms, to see the landlord, Shaun Davis, who is one of his best mates and he asked him to check the code on his ticket. His win really was true and he had won £1m. Also disbelieving his big win was David Kalanik from Michigan, USA, who struggled to accept the fact that he’d won $1m playing Mega Millions.The lucky EuroMillions winner currently lives in a rented house and says he’d now like to buy a home of his own. That’s what Mehmet Ozer from London did after he won a £300,000 EuroMillions prize. Also planned for Crighton is a trip to the north Norfolk coast.Even though he has become a EuroMillions winner, he has no intention of retiring from his job working as a gardener for the local community. That’s just like Englishwoman Cynthia Holman who won nearly £170,000 on a UK Lotto ticket but kept her job. Not so, Denise and Robert Scarr from Morecambe, Lancashire in England who soon quit their jobs after winning a £6.3m UK Lotto jackpot.Try your luck and purchase your favourite lottery tickets online at