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$1m Lotto Max Winner Can finally See Bruce Springsteen on Broadway
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Leo Barron from Conception Bay in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, didn’t check the October 12 Lotto Max result right away. When he finally got his ticket scanned, he discovered that it was worth $1m.The lucky Lotto Max winner went to a convenience store looking for some bargains. Welshman Arthur Griffiths only wanted some milk but also bought a £1m winning EuroMillions ticket. It was payday so Leo decided to buy a lottery ticket too, never expecting it to make him a millionaire. He didn’t check the results of the October 12 Lotto Max draw until he heard that there had been a winner in Newfoundland and Labrador.He went to get his Lotto Max ticket checked and discovered that he was the mystery winner.  "I was going around a millionaire for two days and didn't even know it," Barron said.  Barbara Medlin from New Jersey, USA, didn’t even know she was part of a $1m winning Mega Millions syndicate.It’s often hard to get used to suddenly having a lot more money to spend. For this Lotto Max winner, his new financial position hit home when going to buy a new bed. He suddenly realized that he could buy whichever one he wanted.Just like the £57.97m EuroMillions winners Fred and Leslie Higgins from Scotland, Mr Barron has no plans to move house. He also plans to keep his job as a safety co-ordinator but will be retiring soon.Family is his top priority and that includes his two grandchildren, one of which was born in October.  In Kansas, USA, Ryan Mercia won a$25,000 Holiday Riches prize just days after his daughter was born."Hopefully I'll be able to take good care of them. And my three children are here also and I'm going to take care of them," the delighted Lotto Max winner said. Other plans for his Lotto Max winnings include a trip to Florida to see his sister. He also wants to fulfil a dream of seeing Bruce Springsteen in his one-man show on Broadway. Ticket prices of $1500 had put him off but thanks to his Lotto Max windfall, he’s already booked up for the show.Perhaps he’ll get another big win, just like the recent $11m New Zealand Powerball winner. When asked if he would stop playing the lottery now, he replied, "Oh no, no, no!  I got tickets for Friday night now."To be able to fulfill some of your dreams, purchase your tickets online at