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$1m Oz Lotto Win was Actually $20m
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$1m Oz Lotto Win was Actually $20m

If you thought you’d just won a £1 million Oz Lotto prize you’d be delighted. However, a man from Tullamarine in Victoria, Australia, discovered his win was actually $20 million.

His success came in the Oz Lotto draw held on April 26. When The Lott called him up to tell him the great news, the jackpot winner was still in bed. He did already know that his ticket has won the jackpot. He’d checked it while getting his dinner ready and seen that he’d won.

Is this true?

His initial reactions were: “Is this true!? No way!” However, despite the fact he knew the Oz Lotto jackpot had been won he only thought his win was $1 million. “I assumed multiple people won the prize, not just me!” said the mistaken winner.

That wasn’t the case though, far from it. He was the only player to successfully match 04-05-17-22-30-34-35. Therefore, he had in fact won $20,034,283.20. The Oz Lotto jackpot winner says that he has found everything “very overwhelming and admitted his win “feels like a dream.”

A real dream was on the way though. He was planning to go back to sleep once the phone call ended. Once he got up his plan was to contact his family and tell them the incredible news. He was pretty sure then they’d want to celebrate his Oz Lotto win.

No more renting

One major aim in spending his winnings will be to end his days of renting a home. He wants to buy a house of his own and then help his family. Other ideas for his Oz Lotto win include travelling around Australia. He added that his win will enable him to “live my life to the fullest.”

His winning ticket was purchased from the Tullamarine Authorised Newsagency which is owned by Sasha Kulincevic. He said that his staff “were thrilled” when discovering they had sold a jackpot winning ticket. His customers are also excited with the news and Sasha hopes this is the start of a winning streak.

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