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£1m UK Lotto winner will still work 12 hour shift on Christmas day
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Patricia Aldridge, from Wexham near Slough in England, is celebrating after winning £1m in the December 9 UK Lotto draw. Despite her big win, she’ll still be doing a 12-hour shift on Christmas Day.The lucky UK Lotto winner found out about her big win when checking the results on her phone. She wasn’t quite sure how much her UK Lotto ticket was worth, just like Kenny and Cathy Robin Beevers, from Mississippi, USA, who thought their $200,000 Powerball win was just $400.The 55-year-old quickly rang her husband, 57, and asked him how many zeroes are there in a million? He confirmed the right number of zeroes and indeed the couple had won £1m thanks to the UK Lotto Millionaire raffle.With such a big win, you’d expect the winner to be putting her feet up on Christmas Day but that’s not going to be the case. Mrs Aldridge said of her win and her decision to continue working, “You hear people say, 'if I won a lot of money I'd give up work', but I love what I do." John Doherty from Scotland also kept on working after his £14.67m UK Lotto jackpot win.That means the UK Lotto winner will be starting work on Christmas Day at 8am and working through to 8pm. Road sweeping Englishman Joseph Whiting won £4.5m playing UK Lotto but still went to work the next morning at the even earlier time of 5am.It’s not just Patricia who will be carrying on working, the same applies to her husband. He works as a site manager at a school and says that he won’t be retiring either. That’s unlike the six-strong Australian syndicate who retired after winning a $16.4m jackpot in the Australian Powerball draw.Robert said: "We'll still be the same people. I'm not giving up work, I'll still go out with my friends, I'll still do my crib night." That’s just what David Kalltschmidt and his wife Maureen Smith from Florida, USA, said after they won $328m playing Powerball.The same applies to English couple Dawn and Malcolm Bosworth who were still shopping in their local supermarkets despite winning a £5.872m UK Lotto jackpot.He added, “It just makes us more secure knowing that we can help the children buy a house and that sort of thing." Wednesday’s UK Lotto draw has a £18.4m jackpot with players dreaming of a big win just before Christmas. Don't miss this opportunity to win big and purchase your tickets online at