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£1m UK Lotto Winners Initially Told They’d Won Nothing
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Mick Tyler and Sarah Harmer from Snodland near Maidstone in Kent, England, have won £1m playing the September 29 UK Lotto draw. However, when claiming their prize for a moment it looked as if their win hadn’t happened at all.The engaged couple were enjoying a family pub meal when Mick, 35, saw he’d received an email from the National Lottery. He couldn’t login to his account and his father said “it’s probably only a few quid,” so they carried on eating. A syndicate in Connecticut, USA, thought they’d won $5,000 but it turned out to be a $2m Mega Millions win. When he got home, he logged in and was shocked to discover a £1m UK Lotto win.  However, the National Lottery call centre wasn’t open until 8am the next morning. An Irish syndicate had to wait all weekend before confirming their €500,000 EuroMillions Plus windfall.When they finally made that call, the couple were initially told they hadn’t won anything, just like £57.97m EuroMillions winners Fred and Lesley Higgins from Scotland.  “And then he said ‘oh sorry, it’s my mistake, I was looking at the wrong date’ and he said ‘yeah I can confirm you’ve won £1million,’" said Mr Tyler .The UK Lotto winning couple took the day off work and spent the day celebrating with their family.The win came a day before they were due to go on holiday to Portugal. While on their break, they put a deposit down on a five-bedroom house. For months they have been passing the housing development joking they’d move in if winning the lottery. Now they will do just that in either March or April of next year.  English couple Darren and Kate Donaghey are moving to a larger house after their £1m National Lottery Monopoly Classic scratchcard win.That will be followed by “the best wedding ever” in September and a USA honeymoon. Their UK Lotto press announcement was held on the same beach where they got engaged last Christmas Eve.  Recently, Canadians Robert Benning and Catherine Bates got engaged after a $1m Lotto Max win.Other spending plans include a new car for Sarah, 33 but the UK Lotto winners have no plans to quit their jobs. Mick wants to spend more time playing golf but also plans to possibly set up a new business or invest in property as they pledge to use their UK Lotto winnings wisely.Give yourself a chance by playing now at