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$2.4m Oz Lotto Winner Celebrates with a Takeaway
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$2.4m Oz Lotto Winner Celebrates with a Takeaway

A phone call changed the life of a man from Salisbury in South Australia. It told him that he had won $2.4 million in the November 24 Oz Lotto draw. He couldn’t wait to tell his partner and celebrate with a takeaway meal. 

The lucky winner has asked to remain anonymous, but we do know he’s in his 40s. He was the only winner in the November 24 Oz Lotto draw winning a total of $2,496,744.04. When he received that amazing call, all he could say was “Bloody hell! Are you serious? Wow! That’s amazing. Thank you so much!”

The shocked Oz Lotto winner said how he was shaking and admits “I didn’t expect to hear that when I answered the phone.” He is a regular player of lottery draws, opting to play different ones each week. There are no lucky numbers, instead he buys a Quick Pick ticket.

No time for a day off

His winning ticket was purchased online, so the organisers knew who the winner was and made that memorable phone call. The numbers drawn out in the November 24 Oz Lotto were: 09-15-18-25-26-31-35 and the two Supplementary Numbers 02 and 12.

Despite being a regular player, he never believed the Oz Lotto would make him a millionaire. The delighted winner owns a small business with his partner and has been working extremely hard to keep that going during the pandemic. When told of his Oz Lotto win, he said a busy day lay ahead and he couldn’t take the day off.

His next job was a very important one though. “I’m going to call my partner right now and tell her the good news. She probably won’t believe me!”

Easier Workload from now on

It’s true though and he was already planning on getting a celebratory take-away that night. He now plans to cut back his working hours. ”This will make it just much easier and take the pressure off,” he said. He also plans on paying off his home loan and a holiday is also likely.

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