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£2 Million Scratchcard Used as IOU at the Vets
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£2 Million Scratchcard Used as IOU at the Vets

Lesley Herbert from Basingstoke in Hampshire, England won a £2 million National Lottery scratchcard prize. Great news for Lesley but also for her pet parrot Bibi.

Her win came after popping out to buy some spinach. Instead, she bought a chocolate orange bar but was also feeling a bit lucky.  So, Lesley purchased a Monopoly Riches National Lottery scratchcard. It wasn’t until she got home that she discovered her incredible win.

It’s a welcome boost after her grandad died last December. He’d often told her that he’d buy her a house at the top of a hill if winning the lottery. Lesley feels it was him telling her to buy a scratchcard. She just wishes he was still here to see her success.

Is this IOU OK?

Although she wanted to celebrate her win, a trip to the vet was needed as Bibi had dislocated a foot. However, she didn’t have the money to pay the bill. Out came her phone and she showed the shocked vet team a photo of her £2 million winning scratchcard.

That was used as an IOU and Bibi received the required treatment. Perhaps the parrot would have said “she’s a millionaire you know,” if feeling a bit  better.

'They laughed that they'd never before been shown a £2million winning scratchcard as a guarantee the bill would be paid,” said the Hampshire pet lover.

A new home and Business

The 42-year-old now wants to use her scratchcard winning to buy her first home. That will house her parrots, Bibi and Alfie, rescue dogs Nicko and Luna and the chickens she’s planning to buy.

Many scratchcard and lottery winners use their windfall to go self employed. This winner wants to launch her own animal shelter charity sometime in the future.

Also planned for the future is a holiday to the Bahamas. That trip will include a visit to Pig Beach so she can swim with the pigs there.

It’s not all about animals for Lesley. The scratchcard winner also has four children. Their mother plans to “set them up for life.” That’s something she has never dreamt she’d be able to say, let alone achieve it.

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