$200 million Australian Powerball Jackpot on Thursday

$200 million Australian Powerball Jackpot on Thursday

$200 million Australian Powerball Jackpot on Thursday

Lottery fever is hitting Australia this week with a record $200 million Australian Powerball jackpot on Thursday.

The last draw was held on Thursday January 25 with a $150 million top prize. For the sixth draw in a row there was no jackpot winner.

Great start to February

That means that the jackpot on the first day of February will be the highest ever. It beats the $160 million top prize that was seen in an Australian Powerball draw held in 2022. On that occasion, three tickets shared the jackpot.

We can fully expect that this week will see Australians buying Australian Powerball tickets aplenty. That was certainly the case last week when players were dreaming of landing the $150 million jackpot.


James Eddy is a spokesperson for The Lott and he spoke about how popular last Thursday’s Australian Powerball draw was. He said that around one in two Australian adults purchased a ticket dreaming it would make them multi-millionaires.

Now the jackpot is another $50 million higher and those dreams are still alive. The spokesperson said: “I know I’m excited, so I can imagine Australian lottery players are rubbing their hands together at the thought of bagging $200 million and taking home the crown as the largest lottery winner in Australian history,"

There isn’t a jackpot cap in the Australian Powerball draw . Therefore if Thursday’s draw ends in a seventh successive rollover, the jackpot will rise to an incredible $250 million. Last month three players  shared a $90 million Australian Powerball jackpot.

Last year was a massive one for players of the Australian Powerball draw. There were 20 division-one winners and between them they won a total of $552 million. If the jackpot is won this Thursday then over a third of that 2023 amount will be received by the lucky winner(s),

Playing the Australian Powerball draw can be even more exciting if you register your ticket. Doing so means that the Lott knows who’s won and can give them an amazing phone call informing the player that their lottery dreams have come true.

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