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We have not worked on a farm personally, but we hear it is hard. So we know that lucky EuroMillions winner and corn farmer Ronnie McDonnell will be very pleased with his £200K win.

Ronnie McDonnell is 75, and we’re guessing he could do with a well-earned rest from the strain of farming. Well, following his EuroMillions win he’s now in a great position to do that. Perhaps he could take a long, relaxing cruise around the world and spoil himself with his lottery winnings?

That might be what we’d do with our EuroMillions windfall, but Ronnie has had his eye on something much more practical for quite some time. A flash new car? An expensive and stylish new house? No. He’s going to treat himself to a new piece of farm equipment instead.

He said of his lottery win: “This couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve needed a new baler for some time now, but I just couldn’t afford it. Now though, with a couple of hundred grand in the bank, I’m literally going to make hay while the sun shines with a brand new John Deere baler.”

So if this lively 75 year old is not taking a holiday, how else will he enjoy his lotto wealth? He’s off to the Listowel Races Harvest Festival in September and said: “I’m fairly sensible with my money, so I’ll not be going on any big spending spree. But maybe I’ll afford myself a slightly larger bet than usual on the horses at Listowel this year.”

If his luck continues he could win big there too. We wonder if he will consider a share in a racehorse in the future.

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