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A lottery syndicate of school staff from Suffolk enjoyed the best possible start to their half term holiday by winning a huge £1 million on the EuroMillions lottery.

The group, who all work at Brooklands Primary School in Brantham, are made up of 23 school workers, including teachers, secretaries and other staff members. They won their million in the EuroMillions Millionaire raffle draw on October 21st, and the members are all still in shock after winning.

School secretary, Helju Cross, is also the syndicate leader, and she told the local press that it took a long while for the win to dawn on her. She said that she went along to buy the tickets for the Tuesday evening draw just as she would for any other draw, and happened to bump into the school’s head teacher at the same time; “we had a joke about winning but didn’t really think much about it,” said Ms Cross.

The next day, Ms Cross happened to not be working, so she went into the newsagents to have the EuroMillions tickets checked. The first ticket won the group £6 and the next one £2, after which the lottery player was already pretty happy with their scoop, however discovering that the third ticket was too large to be paid out in the store, Ms Cross says that she was in so much shock she left the store without even thanking the shop assistant.

Eventually, once she had calmed down and been able to check the numbers, Ms Cross was sitting in the car while her mother was driving, and couldn’t believe her eyes. “It was unbelievable but I just sat there mute because I thought it unwise to tell my elderly mother I’d won the lottery while she was behind the wheel!”

After verifying the win, Ms Cross contacted her 22 work colleagues and syndicate chums, and they all began planning how to spend their money. Each of the members will be taking home £43,478.26 from the EuroMillions lottery scoop, and on the cards are some exotic holidays to destinations such as Australia, Bali and Italy, while other members are putting the money away to save for retirement. The syndicate members have all said that sharing this life-changing experience with their co-workers and friends is “the icing on the cake”.

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