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Lorry driver Raymond Storey from Dundee in Scotland was planning to retire in August 2015, but after winning £1m in the November 28 EuroMillions draw those plans have all changed and he retired two minutes after finding out about his big win.

Storey, 61, purchased his winning EuroMillions lottery ticket at Asda, on Myrekirk Road, in Dundee. He didn’t check the results of the November 28 EuroMillions draw until the following morning. While enjoying his breakfast cuppa he decided to see what the winning numbers were and suddenly his life changed forever as he explains:

“I am usually up early to start work at 4am but as it was a Saturday I had a bit of a lie-in. I was in the kitchen making myself a cup of tea and I thought I would turn on the laptop in the kitchen to check my numbers. I found out I was a millionaire at 6am and I decided to retire at 6.02am!

He didn’t initially believe that he had won anything, but after checking the results three times the penny dropped. “(I) ran up the stairs to tell my wife. My head was spinning.”

With his retirement now brought forward, the EuroMillions winner is going to have to get used to a life of leisure rather than driving around the country in a lorry: “I’m a lucky man. It’s wonderful to know that I can enjoy my retirement secure with the freedom to do what I want. I’ve not decided to buy anything in particular – I’m just looking forward to living my life as I please.

Despite his big EuroMillions win, Raymond says he’ll continue to play lotteries: “it has been good to me, so I’ll keep giving something back.”

Raymond’s EuroMillions win is the latest in a series of big lottery wins in Scotland. Last year a woman from Forfar won a £1m EuroMillions prize and earlier this year, teenager Jack Tanbini won £100,000 on a scratchcard on the Clepington Road. All those wins are eclipsed by the £148m won by Chris and Colin Weir who scooped £162m in 2011.

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