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A couple who won £4.8 million on the EuroMillions lottery four years ago have invested a large chunk of their winnings in their local football team in the hopes that it will help secure them promotion to the football league.

Lee and Sue Mullen won their millions in 2011, and have recently purchased 500 shares in Grimsby FC, each of which cost £100. The £50,000 investment is aimed to help the club secure promotion to the Football League, and sign a lucrative player whom the EuroMillions winners are hopeful will help them to get there.

Following discussions with club director John Fenty and manager Paul Hurst, the EuroMillions lottery winning couple decided to buy the shares in order to help the ailing football club to strengthen their squad and secure the signing of Christian Jolley from Newport County. The new signing, which was announced this week, is a positive sign for the football club, and Mr Mullen said that he wanted to invest some of his lottery winnings in order to help the club gain a better name amongst locals.

“I was a bit fed up with some of the stick that John Fenty and the board were getting,” he told the Grimsby press as he spoke about his latest purchase with his lottery winnings. “There have been comments about the club having a lack of ambition and I think it’s totally unfair.”

Mr Mullen said that the club have huge constraints on their budget, and he believes that his local team are doing very well, all things considered. Talking about their decision to invest their EuroMillions lottery winnings in the club, the lottery winner said “We have had talks with John Fenty about investing in the club and we agreed that the money would go on new players. The agreement was that it had to be a player who would have an impact.”

The EuroMillions winner’s passion for his local team is evident as he revealed that he turned down an executive box at Old Trafford to watch Manchester United play in order to watch Grimsby town. He is hopeful that the lottery money will not only help bring Grimsby FC up in the world, but also bring revenue into the town.

“It would be a tragedy if Grimsby Town don’t get promoted this season, but I am fully confident that they will,” added the lottery millionaire.

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