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When you go for a portion of chips in Edinburgh you don’t really expect to be served by a lottery millionaire. That’s exactly what is going to happen though, as Jane Park who won £1m playing EuroMillions in 2013 has just started working in a chippie.

Jane had her first shift at the chip shop last Thursday (March 12) and tweeted that she was “scared” of her new start. Park may well be a EuroMillions lottery millionaire, but she still lives with her mother and catches the bus.

As we reported in December last year, the EuroMillions winner did buy a new house after her lottery win but moved back home just weeks later. Not wanting to get bored she’s also helped organise parties and manned the telephone line for a taxi firm.

Life hasn’t always been easy since her EuroMillions win and she’s had a tough time online with trolls attacking her looks. It wasn’t therefore a smooth ride for her as she had her first shift working in the chip shop. Jane received plenty of tweets from some of her 2600 Twitter followers as they made jokey orders for food. One asked for “a bag of chips plz” to which she replied “Salt n’ sauce?’

Working in the chippy wasn’t quite what she was expecting as she tweeted: “Working in a chippy isn’t as easy as it looks.” The fact her shift didn’t finish until 1am was one reason why she wasn’t having too enjoyable a first night. The EuroMillions winner defended her right to work in the chip shop tweeting: “Aw right, didn’t realise cause I won the lottery and have money I’m not allowed to work in a chippy.”

Park had a more enjoyable experience in February when she added to her EuroMillions lottery fortune betting on her favourite football team Hibs. Jane bet £5,000 on the Scottish Championship side to beat Glasgow Rangers and they did 2-0. That gave the EuroMillions millionaire another £12,500 and she said it would “pay for more shopping – and a few nice holidays.”

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