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Jeff Pritchard and his wife Davina from Gwendraeth Valley in Wales have already splashed out on a new car after winning £1m in the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker draw held on Friday June 5.

Their win came as they were planning to get a Kia Sportage for Davinia. However, when you become a lottery millionaire it means those plans get changed. Mega Millions millionaire Andy Ciaccio did just that and quickly purchased a new red Camaro convertible, while lottery winner Pablo Bringas bagged $750,000 and got himself a shiny new Corvette.Now Davinia will be driving round in a brand new Audi Q5 instead.

The couple are the latest big lottery winners from Wales following the lottery successes of Nigel Pickance who won £70,000 earlier this year and Clive Osbourne who won a £1.5m UK Lotto prize.

Jeff, 52, is a Works Manager for Wernick Buildings in Kenfig and when he received an email telling him he’d won a £1m EuroMillions prize, it was “the shock of my life.” His previous biggest lottery win had been £95. Initially he thought it might be a spam email or he had misread it as “the writing can get a bit blurry on the iPad.”

Davinia, 49, was at work at the Ambulance Service at the time so her husband left her a message. When she returned home, Jeff told her “she had better sit down” and then he told her the amazing news, but she didn’t believe him until she double-checked the results.

The couple play two EuroMillions lines online every week and their regular numbers include the birthdays of their three children plus numbers from the registration plate of their first car. They celebrated their big EuroMillions win by inviting their children and their partners plus their two-year-old grandchild to their home for a slap-up Chinese takeaway meal.

Jeff and Davinia, who will be greeting a second grandchild soon, plan on using some of their EuroMillions winnings to continue renovating their home. Both will continue working just like $11.7m Hot Lotto winners Jeff and Rhonda Meath.

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