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The Australian man who bought Powerball lottery tickets for his work syndicate and then disappeared when their numbers came up had reportedly come to a secret deal to appease them.

Gary Baron, who reputedly collected the group’s money and purchased their tickets for the Australian Powerball draw in which the syndicate’s numbers came up, before resigning from his job and disappearing, was due to face his former colleagues in court after they challenged him in the Supreme Court of Victoria. However, reports from both Mr Baron and the fourteen other syndicate members who began the petition to sue him have led us to believe that a secret deal has been struck between both parties.

According to Australian press, the fourteen syndicate members have struck a deal with Mr Baron and his lawyer and signed a confidentiality agreement so that the details of that deal remain secret. Some members of the syndicate, however, told the press that they are “very happy” and that “life is good.”

Mr Baron is understood to have submitted the syndicate’s ticket for the Australian Powerball game in October last year, and claimed the entire $16.6 million jackpot for himself, purchasing several properties, cars, a boat and a jet ski amongst other luxury items. As news of the conflict between himself and his former colleagues went public, Mr Baron did not make any public comments about the matter, instead releasing a statement ensuring the public of his innocence and saying that it was a separate Powerball ticket which won the jackpot, not the ticket which belonged to the syndicate.

While it appears that the Australian Powerball winner has had a change of heart, to what extent that change of heart was is completely unknown. Whether or not he paid his co-workers each an equal amount of the winnings, comparable to the amount that they would have received had they claimed the prize together, is up for speculation.

Australian news, however, seem to think that there may be another major development happening in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for any further advances on this case.

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