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£7 Million Irish Lottery Winner Sells Luxury Home

Lottery24 – £7 Million Irish Lottery Winner Sells Luxury HomeSomeone is going to find themselves living in the house of a £7 million Irish Lottery winner. Greg Smyth became a lottery millionaire in August 2008 and purchased a luxury home in Drogheda, Co Louth but now it’s listed as ‘sold.”

Smyth, who is the son of Ryder Cup golfing hero Des Smyth, has certainly lived it up since his big Irish lottery win. Buying a car is always a popular decision for lottery winners. That’s just what Jeff and Davina Pritchard did after their £1 milllion EuroMillions win in June. Andy Ciaccio purchased a red Camaro Convertible after his Mega Millions win. Greg followed suit and purchased a brand new £120,000 Audi RS6 Quattro.

After buying a car, getting a new home is usually next on the shopping list. Neil Trotter won a £108 million EuroMillions jackpot and purchased a mansion with its own lake. National Lottery Scratchcard winner Pauline Miller used her £1m to buy her own home.

31-year-old Greg splashed out on a luxury pad that has five bedrooms, two en-suites, a modern fitted kitchen and a landscaped back garden. But now it appears he’s moved on. The advert for the property read “This is a truly spectacular five-bed detached house” with an “attractive water feature” in the garden and within easy reach of the Drogheda train station. Alan Rowley from Nottinghamshire, England, built a wildflife garden after his £1.9 million UK Lotto win.

The big Irish lottery win came while Greg was a horticultural student. He was having his breakfast when discovering the great news and was straight on the phone to his father who was playing in a golf tournament in America.

When he picked up his Irish lottery cheque he commented that the win wouldn’t go to his head and he pledged to continue his course. One big change he did want though was to end his days of “living in any dodgy student flats” and he certainly kept his word there.

He did run into some problems though when ending up in court soon after his win. The Irish lottery winner was cautioned for public drunkenness, threatening and abusive behaviour.

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