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New York Lotto winner won’t change a thing despite winning $42.5 million jackpot

A man from upstate New York who won a $42.5 million jackpot on the New York Lotto has said that he will always be a blue collar worker, until the day he dies.

With a story not unlike that of a family from Perth who won $50 million on the Australian Powerball and vowed that it would never change them, Richard Loveless, from Port Byron, won his jackpot prize on the New York Lotto drawing on October 17th, as his ticket matched the winning numbers 1, 9, 11, 16, 19 and 22. Learning the following day that a winning ticket had been sold at the Pit Stop convenience store, the very same store where he purchased his ticket, the retired electrician checked his numbers to find out that he was the ticket holder, and had won more than Armand Paganelli, a Bronx lottery retailer who won 16 times in two years.

Despite his last name, Mr Loveless was just the opposite when he realised that he was a New York Lotto millionaire, and despite being a little stunned he was excited to tell his wife of his big scoop. “I scared the crap out of my wife,” he told lottery officials as he collected his prize from New York Lotto officials at the Pit Stop where he had purchased his ticket from.

“I ran into the bedroom and said, ‘Sandy, Sandy.’ She thought something was wrong with the dog. She said, ‘What?’ I said, ‘I hit the lottery.’” But apparently Mrs Loveless was harder to persuade, and she had to hear the news several times more before she was really sure that she could believe him. “She started screaming,” Mr Loveless said, with her surprise being similar to that of Jeff Hendrix from Chicago, Illinois, who couldn’t believe it when he found out he had won big on the Lucky Day Lotto.

The New York Lotto winner used numbers that are important to him for his lottery ticket, and he said that the fact that his parents’ birthdates won him a multi-million dollar prize is like “divine intervention.” After taxes and fees, Mr Loveless will receive just over $19.5 million as he chose to take home a lump sum, and he said that the winnings will be going on sensible purchases.

Paying off his mortgage and his daughter’s student loans are among the tasks earmarked for the New York Lotto winnings, and he said that he will also finish some work on his garage. However, the money won’t change who he is, because just like Victor Esparza from Texas, who said his $1 million lottery prize wouldn’t change him, Mr Loveless insisted to lottery officials: “I’m a blue collar worker and I want to die that way.”

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