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A EuroMillions lottery player from East Kilbride in Lanarkshire, Scotland, has won a huge £1 million prize thanks to his Millionaire Raffle numbers, and he couldn’t believe his eyes when he found out.

Arthur Howard, who has been working as a taxi driver right up until the moment that he won the EuroMillions lottery, is 73 years old but yet he still broke down in tears when he found out that he was a winner, and as soon as his wife got home he told her: “Hen, we’re millionaires!” and cracked open the champagne, just like Mary Galbraith did after she discovered her £1 million UK Lotto prize. Mr Howard has been playing the lottery every week for as long as he can remember, and buys five lines every week without fail.

His son, Allan, who is an HGV driver, told the local newspaper in Scotland that his mother and sister were out shopping together when his father realised that he had won his EuroMillions prize, and they were both stunned when they returned home to find out the dramatic change in events. “My mum was puzzled when she came home and saw everyone at the windows,” said Allan,“ she had no idea what was going on.”

According to his son, even though he had already become a millionaire, Mr Arthur Howard still had to be persuaded to retire from his job, unlike Raymond Storey from Dublin who retired two minutes after discovering his £1 million EuroMillions win. Mr Howard’s bosses say the win couldn’t have gone to a nicer man. “I wasn’t sure if he was going to retire because he loved his job, but I told him I’d fire him if he didn’t quit,” said Allan Black, one of the owners of Kelvin Kabs where Mr Howard worked, and the Lanarkshire winner isn’t the first to not want to retire after a big lottery win, as Cynthia Holman, a 62 year old grandmother, had no plans to stop working after winning big on the UK Lotto.

Mr Howard’s son said that his father “let out a huge cry of ‘yes’ when he realised that he had won,” especially since he had won just £2.50 and £5.70 on his first two lines, but the last one made him a millionaire. The family say that they haven’t made any firm plans for their EuroMillions money just yet, but they are thinking about taking a holiday together to Dubai, a little more exotic than Peter Congdon’s holiday plans to Butlin’s after his £13 million UK Lotto win.

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