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A lottery player from Windsor, Ontario in Canada has a new Cadillac on the cards as well as a shopping trip with his girlfriend, after he won more than $200,000 on the Lotto Max.

Not long after a mystery winner from Ontario won a $60 million Lotto Max prize, Nicholas Dzudz, 26, purchased a ticket for the February 5th drawing of the Lotto Max game from a 7-Eleven store in Wyandotte St East in his home town, and at first thought he’d won just a few thousand dollars, which he couldn’t believe in itself. “At first I thought I won $4,500. I was very surprised to realize it was much more!” the lottery player told lottery officials, echoing the thoughts of another Lotto Max winner: Mauro Bagnariol from Edmonton.

In fact, he had matched six out of the seven winning numbers in the draw earlier this month to win the second tier prize, worth $209,183. Collecting his prize at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation in Toronto, Mr Dzudz was asked how he’s going to spend his money, and he replied that he’ll be using it to treat himself, his parents and his girlfriend.

The lottery winner said that he’ll be making sure his parents are spoiled, before taking his girlfriend on a shopping trip to the mall. “Then, I’m going to buy myself a Cadillac sedan,” he finished, with similar goals as the Pritchard’s from Wales who splashed out on a new car after their EuroMillions win. Mr Dzudz isn’t the only player from Windsor to have won on the lottery recently, as at the end of January another lottery fan won a $100,000 prize after they played the ENCORE draw.

At the same time as the two Windsor players were celebrating their prizes in Ontario, a lottery player from Alberta was collecting her $1 million prize from Lotto Max officials in Cold Lake, where she is from. Margret Small won a $1 million lottery prize on the Maxmillion draw on January 29th, and she said that she was so surprised that she almost fell down when she realized that she had won, just like John Mason from Ontario who couldn’t believe it when he won $20 million on the Lotto Max. “I was in such disbelief. Winning is really mind-blowing!” said Ms Small.

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