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A lotto winner from The Greater Toronto Area in Canada has won a huge $60 million Lotto Max prize, and plans to use her money to “re-fence the ranch.”

Joan Patterson, who is from the rural neighbourhood of Desboro, Ontario, the same province where a lottery player scooped the largest ever Lotto 649 prize last year, is a retired flight attendant, but now runs a ranch together with her husband, Jim. She told lottery officials as she collected her Lotto Max winnings that she’ll be spending a lot of the money on upgrades to the ranch, but she will be treating herself too.

Mrs Patterson has already purchased herself a new truck, and she plans to get a brand new horse trailer which will help her to transport some of her five horses from the ranch to some of Canada’s national parks for camping during the summer months. “Oh, and maybe a Corvette – silver,” she added, echoing those plans of Nicholas Dudz who won more than $200,000 on the Lotto Max and decided to buy a new Cadillac, and just like a couple from Wales who splashed out on a new Audi after their EuroMillions win.

The lottery winner scooped her jackpot at the end of January, but she went two weeks without realising that she should be taking home $60 million after her big win, just like a syndicate from Connecticut who waited two weeks after their Powerball win last summer. On February 5th, she went to an Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation kiosk where she slipped her Lotto Max ticket into the ticket checking machine and winced as she saw the words “big winner.”

As the numbers came up on the screen, she thought that she’d won $6,000, but then more zeros added on and soon she realised that she’d actually won the entire Lotto Max jackpot. “I leaned over the counter and told the clerk, please don’t say a word,” said Mrs Patterson who wanted to keep her win a secret for as long as possible.

“Later at home, we laughed and hugged and then went back to work,” she said of her and her husband’s reaction. Of course, the farm cannot run itself, so the couple will not be giving up their day jobs, but they will be treating themselves, they told lottery officials in Toronto.

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