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A lottery player from the town of Lively in Ontario, Canada, has found himself firing up the barbecue for a celebration after his ticket won him $100,000.

Zvonko Vukovic, a chiropractor, purchased an Encore Lotto Max ticket for the drawing on May 13th, and he said that it is usually his job to buy lotto tickets for every draw. “My wife, Laura, usually asks me if I picked up the lottery tickets,” Zvonko said, adding that if he forgets then he heads straight back out to the door to the store to buy them, doing what his spouse said, just like a Maryland wife did recently when she listened to her husband and ended up with a $50,000 Powerball prize.

Just last month, a Québec woman won $50 million on the Lotto Max game after a stop at a supermarket, and talking to the assembled crowds at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming headquarters in Toronto, Zvonko said that he decided to check his tickets while his wife was playing with their four young children. Another recent Lotto Max winner was June Bergh from Kelowna in British Columbia, who said she was shocked and a little scared by her new fortune, and that shock was echoed as Zvonko stared at his phone at the numbers in front of him, he said that he became quiet and his wife got a little suspicious.

“She asked me why I was so quiet and I told her to come over and take a look at the website and my ticket. Laura asked, ‘Did we win?’ One by one we went through the numbers and we were both in disbelief!” The lottery winner then took a picture of his Lotto Max ticket, before heading down to the same store where he had purchased it to get it validated. First he checked it on the ticket checker, taking another picture of the screen that said “Big winner – $100,000”, and then heading to the counter to validate it.

The family then spent the rest of the day celebrating and sharing their good news with other members of their family and friends. “Our family is the centre of our world. We have four young children and this win is all about them,” Zvonko said, adding that they will be spending their summer at the lake, enjoying the peace and quiet of their family cottage.

“First though, a big barbecue to celebrate our windfall,” said the beaming Lotto Max winner, planning a big family celebration, just like Shiran Araldes from California who recently won $771,194 on the Powerball lottery.

“ENCORE” is a game available only in Ontario, which can be combined to a main lottery game such as Lotto Max and Lotto 649.

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