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It’s not great when you run out of milk but for Bogumila Mroczkowski from Edmonton in Canada, it helped win her a $21m Lotto 6/49 jackpot in the April 30 draw.

The lucky jackpot winner isn’t a regular buyer of lottery tickets and admits “I buy when I think of it.” Needing some milk Bogumila headed to the Shopper Drug Mart and made a snap decision to buy a Lotto 6/49 ticket. When she scanned the ticket, she got the shock of her life as she discovered it had won her $21m. Still in shock she got her husband, Eugene, to check the Lotto 6/49 ticket more than 20 times and still wasn’t convinced it was a winner.

Initially she thought her Lotto 6/49 win was just $2,000 but a further check revealed the true amount. That’s just like Ruth and Peter Doyle from England who won £1m playing EuroMillions but thought they’d won just £25.

The lucky winner, 58, didn’t claim her prize until this month, just to let the shock of her big win settle in. “It’s not that easy, you think it’s easy but in reality you’re just (in) shock,” she said. “Maybe when I start spending it’s going to be real,” she added. Now she can do just that after finally receiving her Lotto 6/49 cheque for $20,997,902.50. Sheila Cleasby, also from Edmonton won a $1m Lotto 6/49 prize and waited three months to claim her winnings. $390,000 Lucky For Life winner Dale Smith from Montana,initially believed he’d won just $5,000.

Since her big Lotto 6/49 win the jubilant winner has resigned from her job working in food services at Alberta Hospital, a job she’s had for 26 years. Lisa-Marie Draganiuk retired right after her $12.5m Lotto Max jackpot win. Not so $328m Powerball winners John and Lisa Robinson who went back to work after their big win.

Now she plans to use her windfall to help her family, “maybe do some travelling” possibly to Alaska or Hawaii. £100,000 Powerball winner Thomas Stevens from Florida, USA, planned a cruise after his win.

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