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Canada’s latest Lotto Max millionaire has said that despite winning $37.5 million, her life won’t be changing an awful lot.

Johanne Leblond, who is from Montreal in the province of Québec, the same location where a syndicate won $55 million on the Lotto Max, won the huge top prize and will be sharing the lottery winnings with her family, including her husband, son, and father. The family have said, however, in a recent press conference, that they won’t be letting their new fortune change their lives, just like a family from Australia who won $40 million on the Oz Lotto.

“We each have our dreams, but we are people who don’t want our lives to change,” Ms Leblond said about her husband, Patrick Lamonthe, son Yanick Lamonthe-Leblond, and father, Guy Leblond.

Keeping trend with a recent American survey which showed that up to 80% of Lotto winners would keep their jobs, husband and wife both plan to continue working, and they told lottery officials that they don’t want to make a big deal out of the fact that they’ve won around their co-workers, and they’ll go about their daily lives as if nothing ever happened. The couple insisted that they like their jobs, and therefore they plan to work in order to enjoy it, rather than to work simply because it is necessary.

Another recent Québec winner was Marie-Claude Turcote, who took home $50 million on the Lotto Max after stopping off at her local supermarket to pick up some flowers. Ms Leblond said that she feels as if they are too young to stop working already, and while they might think about taking early retirement, it won’t be happening any time soon. Mr Guy Leblond told lottery officials that thanks to his share of the prize money, he is able to start thinking about putting some of his dreams into practice next year, but he isn’t planning any big changes either, instead the family will just spend some quality time together celebrating their win.

While no firm plans have been made for the money, Ms Leblond did say that they have a few ideas, but nothing will be set in stone for a while, with the family determined to keep things the same for as long as possible.

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