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A syndicate of marathon runners from Penzance in Cornwall, England, are celebrating after winning £1m in the October 14 EuroMillions draw but they so nearly missed out on their windfall.

The Mount Bay Harriers were on their way to Amsterdam for a running event when their syndicate leader had one of his “feelings.” 58-year-old Nicky Morse convinced his companions that they would be lucky if buying tickets for the next EuroMillions draw so as he’s renowned for his winning streaks, 13 tickets were purchased from the WH Smith store at Exeter Airport.

The Penzance painter and decorator admits to having a bit of a “magic touch” and when he feels lucky he always wins. “Over the years I’ve learned to take these feelings as they come and put my positive mindset to good use. It always pays off but this is by far my biggest win to date,” said the EuroMillions winner.

The group, whose ages range from 40 to 60, concentrated on their weekend of running and it wasn’t until they returned that the EuroMillions results were checked. However, they made a common mistake and only checked the numbers, not the UK Millionaire Maker code and threw the screwed-up tickets at Nicky, joking, “You and your ‘feelings.’”

Amanda Lewis from Staffordshire, England, did just that and nearly missed out on her £1m EuroMillions win. In Ireland, a €500,000 EuroMillions winning ticket had to be rescued from a bin before their win was revealed. Melissa Dean thought her $100,000 winning Michigan Lottery ticket was worthless.

Nicky and his wife, Jackie, thankfully took the EuroMillions tickets home to double check them, checked those codes and realized they’d won $1m. They quickly began contacting the other syndicate members but most didn’t believe them until a meeting was held the following day to convince everyone of their £1m EuroMillions win. Donna Smith from Essex, England, returned home from a holiday to discover she’d won £1m playing EuroMillions. Annette and Andrew Dawson were actually on holiday when finding out they’d won a £1m EuroMillions prize.

Each of the syndicate members will receive £76,923. The syndicate leader said there was a lot of “tears and disbelief.” Plans are already being made on what to do with their EuroMillions winnings. Some are planning to pay off their mortgages, others want to go on holidays and some are considering home improvements.

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