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$1,000 LOTTO 6/49 WIN TURNS OUT TO BE $1,000,002

John Miller from Timmins in Northeastern Ontario, Canada, has a new favourite lottery game. Not surprisingly, it’s the Lotto 6/49 game as he won $1,000,002 in the November 30 draw.

The lucky Lotto 6/49 player is a regular lottery player but declared, “Clearly, now, Lotto 6/49 is my favourite.”

The draw may have taken place on Wednesday November 30 but it wasn’t until a couple of days after the Lotto 6/49 draw that he got around to checking his ticket. When he did, Miller had a fantastic start to his December.

Mr Miller was at the mall when he decided to use a ticket checker to see how his Lotto 6/49 ticket had got on. He was certainly having some luck, that is for sure. “I won small amounts on a couple of other tickets (that’s where the $2 comes from) but it was the third ticket that left me staring at the screen. I saw, ‘Big Winner’ flash on the screen and I thought I won $1,000.”

His two daughters were with him at the time so they headed off to a retailer but then had problems with the terminal. Eventually the news came through that they had won $1m. His daughters just stared at each other, since the Lotto 6/49 win “was just unbelievable, we really didn’t say much. We left the mall in a big hurry,” said Miller.

Raul Ahumada from Missouri, USA, thought he’d only won $25,000 but it turned out to be a $25m Mega Millions jackpot win. Charles and Deborah Bibbs from Virginia, USA, were shocked when they won $1m playing Mega Millions after initially thinking they’d won $250,000.

Ontario is certainly a lucky place to play Lotto 6/49. Todd Grimes from Western Ontario is celebrating after his $282,000 Lotto 6/49 win. Clare Suba is celebrating after winning $85,016 playing Lotto 6/49 in October. Alfred Ayotte retired immediately after landing a $1.6m Lotto 6/49 jackpot.

The jubilant Lotto 6/49 already has several ideas on what to do with winnings. He wants to go out and buy a new pickup truck. “It’s great for driving in the winter and fun in the summer,” he explained.

“I am also thinking about buying a new home. Big enough for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, all of whom I plan to celebrate and share with.” His winning Lotto 6/49 was purchased at Lyne’s Variety on Toke Street in Timmins.

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