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A retired sergeant mayor from Swadlincote in Derbyshire, England is celebrating winning over £1m in the November 22 EuroMillions draw. Now he’s wants to fulfil a life-long ambition and go on a cruise to the Arctic Circle.

Ken Wedgeworth had only popped into his local Morrison’s to get some bread and milk, but then decided to try his luck with a EuroMillions Lucky Dip ticket. It’s a good job he did as it ended up winning him £1,055,923.

The 66-year-old served in the British Army for 25 years. He discovered his EuroMillions win the day after the draw when checking the results on his iPad. It was the Millionaire Maker Raffle Code that was lucky for him. He kept checking his ticket just in case he’d misread the numbers and letters. “I got up and walked around a bit and then checked again. I must have done this a few times,” said the shocked EuroMillions winner.

Ken says he hasn’t stopped shaking since finding out about his EuroMillions win. He has several ideas on how to spend his winnings. He struggles with his mobility so buying a new bungalow is a top priority.

It’s the latest big lottery win in the county of Derbyshire. Last year former Chelsea footballer Terry Bradbury won a £5.5m UK Lotto jackpot.

Also planned is going on a cruise around the Arctic Circle, Denmark, Norway and the Baltic States which is something he’s always wanted to do. He could have gone on an Ultimate New York City Christmas shopping spree as part of his EuroMillions prize, but chose the cash alternative instead. That’s what Trevor and Pat Boyce from Surrey, England, did and ended up with a £1,078,870 EuroMillions win rather than a special Christmas holiday. Not so two friends from Biggleswade, England, did after their £1m EuroMillions win as they also headed off to Rio.

The EuroMillions winner also wants to share some of his winnings with his sister Carol and her husband Gabriel, including buying him a new car.

During his time in the British Army, the EuroMillions winner saw a lot of the third world and people suffering with their eyesight, so he wants to make donations to a charity that helps with blindness. Sue Mullen from Grimsby, England won a £4.8m EuroMillions jackpot and is helping disadvantaged children this Christmas. Pam Aird from Oxordshire, England helped local theatres after her £1m EuroMillions win.

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