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A man from British Columbia in Canada has said it’s his Christmas spirit he has to thank after he won $4.9 million on the Lotto 649 before the holidays. Douglas Lowes, who is from Cranbrook in BC, not far from where another couple of Lotto 649 player won over $9 million earlier this year, told lottery officials that he bought his ticket on December 17th after he had finished at two-hour shift volunteering at the Christmas Kettle for the Salvation Army. “When I was done, I felt pretty good, so I walked into the mall and bought a ticket,” the 50-year-old said, as he explained that he enjoys spending his spare time volunteering for various local and national charities, similar to another lottery winner who continued to volunteer after her EuroMillions win.

The lottery winner works at a mine in Sparwood, BC, and buys tickets on an off, choosing a random number selection instead of his own numbers. He told lottery officials, however, that he usually takes his time to check the tickets after the draw, and it was all thanks to a co-worker that he got this Lotto 649 ticket checked earlier.

After receiving a text that somebody in Cranbrook had won half of the jackpot on December 17th, Mr Lowes checked his numbers against those that won, and couldn’t believe his eyes. “I actually joked with the clerk at the kiosk when I was buying my ticket and said, ‘You know, I am just probably making a donation here.’ But it turned out – I was not!” he told Lotto 649 officials, with surprise just like an Isle of Wight People’s Postcode Lottery winner who never expected to win big just months after he began playing the game.

The Lotto 649 winner says that his $4.9 million will allow him to make some big changes in his life, including retiring from his job in the mine and committing more time to volunteering, just like a recent Scottish EuroMillions winner who retired two minutes after his big win. But first on the list is a holiday to Cuba for himself, his wife and his two children over the holiday period, before making sure local Cranbrook charities will benefit from his millionaire status, just like a Northumberland woman who used her National Lottery win to help a charity.

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